Complex Analytics For Simpler Urban Life

Urban Complexity Lab at NYU’s Center For Urban Science + Progress is unfolding complexity of urban systems for research, innovation and applications. We leverage big urban data and cutting edge machine learning and network analysis techniques to ¬†make our cities more smart, efficient, sustainable, resilient – better places to live in.

Our team brings together faculty, researchers and students Рgoal-oriented, bright and enthusiastic personalities inspired by smart cities and the promise of data science.


Our projects on urban mobility, transportation, public safety, urban impact assessments as well as fundamental research in network science, big data and complexity are supported by industrial partners and foundations and help innovating the cities we live in. Our supporters include US Department Of Energy, US Department Of Transportation, National Geospatial Intelligence Agency, Lockheed Martin, Future Cities Catapult, Arcadis.

Our papers are published in top tier journals including Nature’s Scientific Reports, PNAS, Physical Review E, PLjournal.pone.0014248.g001OS ONE, Royal Society Open Science, International Journal Of GIS, Applied Geography, Environment And Planing B, EPJ Data Science and many others and push forward the frontier of the modern science.

We promote potential of data science and complexity to broad audience and the students through teaching and public speaking.

The courses we teach cover applied aspects of Data Science, Machine Learning and Network Analysis.