Team: people

Chinmay Singhal

Graduate research assistant

Shivam Kumar Pathak

Graduate research assistant

Prof. Chaogui Kang

Visiting scholar – Associate Professor At Wuhan University

Prof. Stanislav Sobolevsky

Lab Director, PhD, DrSc

Associate Professor Of Practice at NYU

Research Affiliate at the MIT Senseable City Lab.

Dr. Sobolevsky holds PhD (1999) and Doctor of Science habilitation degree (2009) in Mathematics. Dr. Sobolevsky teaches data science, machine learning and networks analysis and studies human behavior in urban context through its digital traces: spatio-temporal big data created by various aspects of human activity – social media, cell phone records, vehicle/vessel GPS traces, public service requests, credit card transactions and other. Authored over a 100 of research publications in top-tier journals and conferences, including Nature’s Scientific Reports, PNAS, Physical Review E, PLOS ONE and others. His applied projects on transportation modeling, trajectory mining, anomaly, pattern and vulnerability detection in temporal urban networks are supported by industrial partners and foundations including US Department Of Energy, US Department Of Transportation, National Geospatial Intelligence Agency, Lockheed Martin, Future Cities Catapult, Arcadis. His prior research at MIT was supported by Ericsson, BBVA, Orange, British Telecom, Liberty Mutual and other industrial partners.

Enwei Zhou

visiting scholar, PhD student at Singhua University, China

Maarten Vanhoof

visiting scholar, PhD student at Newcastle University, UK, associated researcher at Orange Labs, France

Philipp Kats

part-time researcher, data scientist at StreetEasy